Are You a Blue Collar Service Business Owner Who Wants to Reach Your Pinnacle?

Do you want more revenue, impact, fulfillment, success & fun?

Matt Murray

Author of The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success

You’ve come to the right place!

I went from being an HVAC/R technician to running an 8-figure HVAC/R business and living an amazing, abundantly fulfilled lifestyle. I’ve created tools, resources and coaching programs to help you reach your highest goals, too.

I started my career 22 years ago in the commercial HVAC & Refrigeration field. Today I am the Blue Collar King: a highly successful business owner, entrepreneur, author, coach and consultant. My expertise goes far beyond “just” my technical expertise in the HVAC/R field, I am also an expert in leadership, business development, business systems & strategy, operations, strategic planning, and sales.

As the Founder and CEO of Blue Collar King Coaching & Consulting, through which I guide owners and would-be owners of service-based businesses in the blue collar trades to success both personally and professionally. I authored the book, “The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success: How to Create an Abundantly Fulfilled Lifestyle and Turn Your Service Business Into a Cash Flow Machine.”

I run my life and my businesses based on strong core values, and I’m passionate about helping others live happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

I love fishing, piloting high-performance boats, going off-roading, flying small aircraft (I been a pilot since 2010), scuba diving and visiting white sand beaches. I particularly enjoys spending time with my amazing wife and children, including taking family camping trips and going off the beaten path to explore small fishing villages in Baja Mexico.

My philosophy is simple:

You need to thrive in ALL aspects of your life







Foundational guidance & support

for your blue-collar service business, including weekly group coaching calls with Matt Murray to increase productivity and efficiency within your organization and build stronger skills to lead your employees.

Participate in a supportive Facebook community for networking and sharing best practices and get unlimited access to a library of tools, resources, templates and training videos.



Take your business growth to the next level with a program that combines weekly group coaching calls with quarterly in-person mastermind gatherings, as well as exclusive access to a private Facebook group for Accelerator members.

Get expert assistance developing a comprehensive business plan tailored to your unique goals and needs as well as your own decision-making capabilities and problem-solving skills.

The expected results of this program include improved employee engagement and motivation, a stronger market presence and brand recognition for your company, and the ability to scale your business to hit your next profit milestone.


GO FROM chaos to clarity

Implement a simple, proven framework that grows your people and most importantly —
your business.

The BCK Pinnacle program kicks off with an on-site visit to implement core business structure, leadership foundation and financial optics. Monthly in-person board of directors mastermind meetings, bi-annual retreats and exclusive access to a private Facebook community are all included. The goal: turbo-charge your business and personal growth and help your business become a recognized leader in your market.

Get “The Blue Collar King’s Blueprint for Success” book today

Whether you choose to take advantage of the incredible power of coaching or prefer to go it alone, this book provides the proven blueprint you need.

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